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Sunday, March 10, 2013

2013 (The Year of the Vaqueras)

Hello Everyone-
   What a busy holiday season it was for you Los Alamos Vaquera, and apologize for the delay in updates. Yours truly, and our featured designer Miss Annalise Tanore, have been hard at work for all of the  beautiful country souls out there. We can not wait to share our Spring/ Summer 2013 collection with all of you very shortly.
  The Vaqueras and I will be shooting our first Vino Vaquera Collection catalog March 30th, and we are waiting eagerly in anticipation!! Local talented photographer, Rebecca Revira, has been working diligently to help create the right look for our fantastic coastal country line. 
  We are so blessed to have you on board Rebeca, thank you for all of your love and support!
We will be shooting the catalog at the luscious & lovely Evergreen Arabian Farm in Los Olivos, CA in just a few weeks folks. Stay tuned for our amazing deer antler and bullet shell inspiration pieces....girl power!!!!!
 Get ready my darling Vaqueras... 2013 is our year!!!!
Stay Tuned,
xo C.leigh

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