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(please check back soon for updates!)

C.leigh xo

Friday, December 21, 2012

Caroling On The Central Coast

 Fellow Vino Vaquera, Miss Emily Devers rocks a pair of gear earrings and one of our fabulous bullet shell pieces while Christmas caroling via horseback in Los Olivos, CA!

Happy holidays,from one coastal country cowgirl to another! 
xo C.Leigh

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter 2012.... Vaquera Style....:)

The fabulous Sonja Magdevski, celebrity winemaker for Casa Dumetz Wines, 
rocks one of our bullet shell (Gun Powder -N-Led- ) inspiration necklaces. 

 Yet again...another holiday collection teaser...
so much to come in 2013! Stay tuned everyone, yeee haww!

 It is all about girl power and amazing vino here in Little L.A. ! 
Happy Holidays My Fellow Vino Vaqueras
xo C.Leigh 


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

*Give Thanks*

Happy Thanksgiving Vaqueras-

     My heart is full of hope and love, as I am truly thankful for everyone of you! Thank you to my Vaqueras for believing in this line, inspiring this vision, and for your coastal country influence. 

*You Guys Rock....Cheers!*

Have A Beautiful Week-
xo C.Leigh

P.S. Analise and I will be having one of our final design meetings for the spring/ summer line this evening! 

Here is your Turkey Day/ Vaquera sneak peak:

                     Timeless Earings  (Spring/ Summer 2013) 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Collection Spoiler Alert

Howdy Vaqueras-
     Here are a few pieces from the line to tickle your fancy.
The Vino Vaquera Collection is the perfect country chic look for any occasion!

*Vaquera Casual*
Pastel Vaquera 'Coastal Country' Earrings (Spring 2013)

Deer Antler Signature Bracelet (Spring 2013)

*Vaquera Evening*
Vaquera 'On the Scene' Earrings (Spring 2013)

I hope you enjoyed this Tuesday teaser... more to come ladies!

Live, Laugh, Love...

C.Leigh xo
(Little L.A.'s Vino Vaquera)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vino Vaquera Collection Mail:

Dear Vaqueras-
    Our fantastic featured designer/vaquera, Miss Analise Tanore, is hard at work ladies.The Vino Vaquera Collection will give the world a taste of 'California Country'
Stay inspired ladies, and please send your bio's in asap. Construction for the main website starts next week. 
C.Leigh xo

P.S. Business cards have been officially ordered! Yee haww! :) xo

Let the collection adventure begin!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vino Vaquera's Shop Announcement

A splash of salt-water style...

A dash of California bling...

And a whole new twist on country chic...


  The Vino Vaquera Collection
          By: Chloe Leigh
*Featured Designer: Analise Tanore*

Stay Tuned....2013 is near!

xo C.Leigh
(Little L.A.'s Vino Vaquera)